My first snowfall

After all the stories, warnings and weather reports, the first snow came and went away..but it came as a breeze, roared like a storm, kept us indoors for almost 2days..but anywayz, i luvd it(most importantly for a self-obsessed arien)..

It was a thursday evening..! I was in the gym along with Ranjana and Anbu doing some cardio exercises, swimming and stuff.. That nite the “GO CATS” was going to be illuminated at the hedges halls, on that nite the snow was also expected. I was wondering before entering the gym that all these days it was pretty much warm and sunny, and how can it snow?? Then I remembered Anoop’s comment, “if u dun like the weather in Bozeman, wait for ten mins..” All I could do was to laugh over that statement,cos i witnessed that few days back, when it hailed, went overcast, rained and became clear and sunny all under one hour.

Coming on to thursday nite, anbu was getting excited abt the go cats thing, and we had brought our camera too to take the snaps. It was few mins past 9pm. We were out of the gym, and it was snowing. But I couldnt feel anything, cos it was so light. Anbu was mentioning that the snowfall has started, I didnt like it coz it was so light and flaky that it was hard to see (tat was not wat i expected and wat i wanted..) We rushed to see the illumination of “go cats”, another thing to be noted was that the atmosphere was getting colder (obviously), and my fingers were red with dryness and peeling. We watched the illumination and came home.

It was still flaky when I went to bed, but I could see small deposits on the window panes of cars. It wasnt enough for me. I was expecting more.

Then the dawn came, I was at awe..I sat near the windows of my apartment,wondering at the beautiful morning with snow everywhere, as if god has rolled down a white carpet on mother earth. I sat and sat near the windows looking outside with bemusement for almost one hour, almost sensing the icy flakes that had deposited near my windows. The color white, the most peaceful, most complete and the simplest color was amusing me again and again. I got ready after the daily chores and started walking on the snow for the homecoming friday, which went on till midnite mania…!!