A new year Gift..! “SnS”

 You can expect a gift on your birthday, on your anniversary, Mmmmmm, may be on Rakshabandhan or even Valentine’s day too.

After the greeting card era. Nobody really cares about New year gifts apart from boozing and wishing friends, Unless somebody wants to give a gift badly so as to mend a relationship.

But, I got a gift today after “not so great” new year’s eve. It wasn’t exactly a gift, but it was in a way

 It was a journey through one’s past, reminiscing all those teeny weeny incidents which mattered you at that point of time. Which may be idiotic and stupid at some point in your life.

So, is this something like you sat and thought about your past on a new year day?

No! am not a freak,   though like everyone else I too like to bask in the past incidents. But these thoughts were special, coz it was shared..

A conversational journey where you enjoy so many beautiful things you had once enjoyed, wishing to probably edit certain parts of that story. So that it’d have become a bollywood blockbuster or just like a happy ending between Ross and Rachel.

But the whole point is past is past, But.. the gift of having somebody to relish it together is a gift on its own.

Feeling the smell of the earth on that rainy day, the ‘wait’ for that special one, Waiting for somebody to turn and give you a glance, a smile which you can make you weak at the knees,  When you end up smiling after an argument, the cool breeze which gives you goosebumps and you look for warmth, and, And suddenly you are hit by reality, that you can’t have it anymore..!

But I got the gift, which anyone would envy, which is as priceless as the smile on my Lakshmi’s face..!

And am happy for tat, a great start to the year 2009.

  • It made me laugh,it made me cry
    It was beautiful,that I can’t deny
    It was a journey spanning a night
    With lovely moon n starry skies
    All those memories he gave me for life
    They made me laugh they made me cry

    It was a journey spanning a night
    Though in the end, we said goodbye