What does it feel?

I don’t know, that’s the honest truth. I don’t think I am older or something or more mature. Coz I feel, every time I meet someone, I read a book, I watch a movie, I weep, every night I sleep, every time I blog, I believe that I have gained something, In the business of life, there is only profit!

So, did I lose my young age, as I travel through the journey of life?

I really haven’t thought about it. Being a person who lives in the present, created and modeled by the past with all those memories and events and galloping towards future to see all those things life has in store for me.
To talk about my birthday, I love my birthdays, Friends far and beyond call me, wish me, scrap me, send me cards, share memories, have loose talk over the phone, receive some special gifts. Its all happening and you sleep just 2-3 hours, coz you don’t want to miss anything(even the fluid class.)
This year it was even better, Coz I got a larger time frame because of 1130 hours difference between India and Montana. So lot more calls, lot more fun, lot more chance to be special and selfish..!

Hoping for a beautiful year which will satiate my hunger of all those eclectic things..!

Signing off


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  • shdn`t a dreamer mention smthng abt dreams also?..do u learn smthng frm dreams????frm imagination???..n btw,one q,ds a 23 year new guy c any difference in the way of imagining thngs-like hw he used to imagine when he was 18 year new n hw he imagine nw?nt sure if q is clear..pbly u cn understd wt m asking….

  • I guess your comment is a bit leaning towards your paper on “Temptation” of differences in imagination between kids and adults. Both the questions are worth pondering. Ill try and put my stance on that(quite soon).

  • proud of ur guessing sense..:)…hehe..u r rite,q`s r related to that paper…i knew u ll guess that,thats y i said,”u cn understd wt m asking”..newaz,waitin 4 answers…:)