An unsung Goddess..!


A person whom I’ve taken for granted almost my entire life.

A person whom I am indebted to for every drop of blood on my body.

A person who is the living proof of God.

A person whom no praise, no poem, no prayer is sufficient.

A person who’ll starve for you when you skip a meal, a person who cries behind the door when she shouts or gets angry at you, a person who considers that you are the most beautiful kid, a person who will lose sleep over your worries, a person who wants you to never grow up in fear that she’ll lose you to somebody else, a person who will spent hours on temple over your fever, a person whose heartbeat increases by the smallest scratch on your skin, a person who will argue or blaspheme even god when something bad happens to you, a person who is the purest of all, the epitome of womanhood..!

I don’t know what, whenever I talk to a mother about her kid..a glow appear in her eyes, a shift in the tone, a rush of blood on to the face which emphasizes a mixture of feelings of hope, worries about the kid’s future and joy and happiness all in a flash of second..Which is so genuine, which is so innocent, which is so pure..!

She considers you as the most important treasure, the purpose of her life, her reason of being alive, her answer for all the prayers, her hope, her strength..!

Anything for you mom..!

If I ask her, how I should thank her, she’ll tell me not to do anything but just to stay close to her…

But still..MOM..! How will I thank you..?

How in this world can I thank you..?

Take this is an ode to you,mom..!

– Your Fav son, Santu

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