No, I am not writing about the software-hardware giant which is equally envied and hated for all the right and wrong reasons. But about the fruit. Yes! the almost red colored, almost spherical fruit. No it is not my favorite fruit, It lags behind my fives like Green grapes, Oranges, Strawberry and all.

Then what is the fuss about the apple, All of you might have studied about the Newton’s gravity way back in school, and how he found/inspired/explained the whole phenomenon after seeing an apple fall from the apple tree. The truth is not yet known, he was a master in calculus much before that for that matter. May be he just wanted to put in common language with some metaphor or artistic flavor. I don’t know!

But! my point is about the effect of apple can have on human intelligence and innovation. (Have you noticed that, a student is taught English words starting by A for Apple) On the Wednesday before the spring break, Normally Wednesdays are my hardest days. I was having a bad time with MathCAD(a software package) in solving a flow problem. MathCAD was pretty new to me, and the syntax is not that friendly, but I had caught up with it much to my surprise. But still, one subscript, lack of vectoring or lack of a dot(signifying multiplication) wont be pointed out by the software providing lot of irritation. So I was solving this problem for 3, 4 hours checking each and every character for any mistake in the syntax but in vain. I was hungry, and when I am on such ventures like cracking these hard problems, I wont have lunch. (which is a bad thing to do). So was pretty hungry and disheartened. At that time, I took a break, and had an apple, which I normally carry to my Office, Moments after that, I figured out that the syntax was perfect, But I had forgotten to take the derivative of a function in the problem. I was first of all relieved. I don’t know whether it is superstition considered by a researcher, or coincidence or just an oddity in my neural channels. I thanked apple and thought about Newton for a second.

But, the next time I know what to do when the odds are against me.

Just Grab an apple!

After note: The short story is over, after that I started printing out the Solutions and graphs to rush home.

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  • Neva noticed why first alphabet is A..:)…n its not superstitious….pbly a different way to say something or may b a way to inspire u to take a break n eat smthng…afterall concentration span is limited…n yes,its very bad not to eat jst bcoz of irritation..u knw,wid a fresh mind,nthg is impossible…:)