Sipping Coffee in Seattle..!


A slow paced city, may be because I went at the wrong time, may be at the right time, to see a city famous for Starbucks, Boeing, Space age, Grunge music and Rain. I am happy that I could savor each of those.

The most interesting thing I liked about the city was its similarities I could relate to my own home state Kerala. First and foremost the wetness, its not at all new to me, but I had missed it for quite a while, then the second thing being the color, the most soothing color to the eyes, the color green. I have experience of my friends staring at the greenery in Kerala after they have spent their vacation in the middle east( In UAE, Oman, Kuwait and all those Gulf countries.) I used to get amused by what they were doing, But I did pretty much the same thing of staring at the green lawns and woods Seattle had to offer far from the snow-white Montana.

The wetness might be the biggest reason for the coffee culture that was prevalent in that city. I enjoyed sipping the cappuccino as I ran through the Pike place market to catch the next harbor cruise, which turned out to be cold but giving us a splendid view of the high rises, carriers, cruise ships, harbor and flights all at once (We even saw a seal, did I mention that?)..!

The space needle, which is the city’s most distinguishing landmark was one of our obvious destinations, it was cold, windy and the view was exhilarating, since we went during the evening, we got the view both of the daylight and that of a glittering night.

Because of the crew, the trip was more like that of a regular tourist, having a look at just the must watches, like zoo, aquarium, the flight museum and the downtown. I would have preferred to take the road less travelled, taking off roads, visiting streets which reflected the urban culture and verve or at least to catch the buzz city had to offer, but I was cuffed, Nevertheless It was enjoyable it being the first major city I had visited in the States, I made fun, made friends and had a lot of authentic Indian food from restaurants which I am deprived of in Montana.

One friend of mine had already predicted that I’d like that city, not much to my surprise, she was on target.

-A traveler.


  • u dint go to flight museum??..n one more place,forgot was space related,they offered rides as well,to give an experience of being in space shuttle????..