A Philosopher whom I call “DaD”..!


What do you say about a person? who don’t tell you to fight the world, but tell you to forgive them..! What do you tell about a person when he tells you to forget a misery and move forward..! What do you tell about a person who believes and want everyone to believe in good deeds..! What do you tell about a person who like to blame the evolution rather than the person committing a fault.

This person isn’t Gandhi, he is not Dalai Lama neither Nelson Mandela. But a simple man with simple dreams and desires whom I have met through the course of my life.

This man has admirers for his simplicity and also now when all his “good deeds” started to pay him rich dividends. I’ve learned few things from him which I badly wants to follow at any cost.  He does not rebel, not because he is weak, but he is strong enough to face it. But I had always believed that he was very insecure and worried about his family and future (just like any middle-class Indian)

For a very angry ten year old kid, he was the best dad who hits his son with a dry-straw(as my mother puts it). He is the favorite son of his parents(as my mother puts it). He is the Kamal hassan for my mom(Just like any south Indian lady who had their teens during 70’s). He is the Jackie Chan( as his best friend puts it). He is the fave son-in-law of my Grand parents( As they themselves put it.)

He is lot more when he accepts whatever argument I make about God, Life and the Cosmos and lets me win every argument, every track event, every hide n seek game. I guess he is the sole reason for my blind optimism even though I have failed to acknowledge that fact. While he loses the argument for my sake, he has always been successful to strike a chord inside my brain. He is a person who believes in giving the maximum freedom to his kids and even grand kids even after coming from a very conservative background.

All these reasons make him the best philosopher I have met, who preaches only what he practices.

Can anyone be so good..?

The happiest moments in my life were when somebody say that I am an exact replica of my dad which I have heard quite a number of times, even from my dad. But the highest acknowledgement had come when my brother himself had told that. I was moved and exalted,  coz he is my dad’s favorite son (There is no argument on that part, But am not at all sad coz of that, after all he is my very own bro).

You are my Tom Cruise born on 4th of July..!

-Santu ( Hoping to be a dad with at least 10% of your goodness)

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  • nice one….. 🙂 too sentimental…. 🙂

  • WOW santy……if u had written one more para…i definitely would have cried…..