My summer reading list

So here goes my reading list for this summer, since summer ‘09 haven’t started, the list might change, I may put up additions if I happen to finish the one which I have listed… lol. Anyways few of ‘em are re-reading and few are from authors whom I haven’t heard about…

Anyways, here goes my list,

  1. A Thousand splendid suns– Khaled Hosseini, A bday gift from a @$#&%
  2. The Sicilian-Mario Puzo
  3. The elegant universe-Brian Greene
  4. A million little pieces-James Frey, A bday gift to myself
  5. Whose India? – Teresa Hubel
  6. Mr.. Sampath-The printer of Malgudi – R K Narayan
  7. Man’s search for meaning– Viktor Frankl, One of my fave book.
  8. The satanic Verses– Salman Rushdie
  9. Argumentative Indian – Amartya Sen
  10. Waiting for the Mahatma– R K Narayan.
  11. The FountainHead- Ayn Rand

I hope I finish it…!

  • thats an impressive list….when u get thru half of that or make changes, let me know

  • g3

    satanic verses n fountain head are my favourites….tell me bout ‘a million little pieces’ after you are done! 🙂