Let’s wait and watch these Indian women..!


No, this is not about the future generation or the middle class Indian housewives. This is about a handful of Indian woman who is gonna shape the Indian political scenario in this current Lok sabha elections which is almost over and the results are around the corner.

So the handful number of women are Sonia Gandhi, Mayawati, Jayalalitha and Mamta Banerjee. There may be other strong and influential women leaders which includes  Sheila dikshit, Sushma swaraj, Priyanka Gandhi and likewise. The above mentioned four are the trump players and definitely queen in their own league.

Each of them have etched their names onto history books, none of them is in anyway similar to each other. The first person never attended any college but is the most powerful woman in the country, she has said a “NO” to the prime-ministerial post which many people are running for and she has stuck to her words unlike top male leaders. For her lack of college education, she speaks Hindi fluently, has published two books, has held her nerves against criticism from all corners including her own party. She is the longest serving congress president. She is lot more and a person definitely worth respect.

Second person is one who has made it public that she will one day become the prime-minister. She pays more income tax than any other Indian politician and even more than Tycoon Mukesh Ambani. Being a dalit and being in the party for dalits and Buddhists, she has garnered votes from Muslims, Brahmins and everyone. She have scared Mulayam Singh yadav and Amar Singh. She has joined hands with ideological enemies BJP number of times for her own motives, nobody has ever predicted her moves, which makes her dangerous and scary, and people who are skeptical to the fact that she won’t be a leader are just hoping it rather than without any speculation.

The third person is called the Iron lady of India, the revolutionary leader(puratchi thalaivi) and even as Amma(Mother). One thing everyone accept about her is that she never forgives and she never forgets. She made a government fall ten years back and has joined the same party after a term. She is now in the third front hoping to play strings in coalition politics and even dreaming about the possibility of becoming the prime minister. She is tough on her opponents and tougher on her own followers. She has bad experiences in parliament, in corruption charges and lot more. A Kannadiga, heartthrob of a generation by being a sizzling actress of her time. Being the love interest of one of the famous man in Tamil history may be only second to Thiruvalluvar.(btw, MGR, her love interest is not exactly a Tamilian, but a keralite..)

Mamta banerjee is a doctoral degree holder and has been in congress and has defeated the famous Somnath chatterjee long before he was thrown from communist party, She has had ties with BJP and now leads her own party. As of now her party just holds one parliamentary seat which is of hers. She has held lots of ministry positions. She might  hold the key to decrease the amount of communist influence considering that she is their biggest opponent, So CPI will have a lesser say in national politics considering they are up for a defeat in Kerala and in Bengal, where Mamta holds the key.

So lets wait and watch the results.

-An Indian who hasn’t cast a vote.