Music…and my absence from blogging..!

There is no one to blame apart from me for my lack of blogging, Thanks to sun though, Yes, Spring is finally here, and Bozeman is stunning for all the hype about summer. Am falling in love with it, just like I had fallen in love with colors during the last fall.
So blaming the sun for not blogging has a reason coz I was outdoors most of the time, playing outdoor tennis, hiking around the trails in Bozeman, and most importantly playing cricket. Though I am not a big fan of the game, I just love to be on the grass and fall down on it in the name of catch practice.
Another reason for me being absent is the two take home exams which had taken lot of time to comprehend find solutions and presenting it. Since both of them required MATLAB to solve numerically( and btw computer languages can get itchy for a misplaced bracket and stuff). MATLAB gave me tough time, but was far better than the last semester project on JAVA.
Its been almost 2weeks since I have blogged, when I started blogging during the end of last year, I had thought of blogging at least once every week. But I hope this will be the only break in the coming days(Fingers crossed).
One thing that happened me through the two weeks is my music habits. Thanks to 2 pals of mine, DJ-RV and RS, I was listening to a big variety of music even I couldn’t imagine. And also during the same time Gimmy boy had given me a good collection of nostalgic Malayalam music.
I was listening to everything, you name it, I might have heard it. I have around 40GB of music on my iTunes, but I didn’t hear all of it. But it was not my single source of music, moreover it is the variety of music I have heard that amuses me, virtually the iPod, Pandora or my office music was always buzzing in my ears. Classical Indian instrumental, Heavy percussion, Soft flute, Raga based songs, Hindustani, Contemporary Hindi music, Native American, Oriental, Malayalam rock, grunge rock, Heavy metal, trance, nostalgic raga based Malayalam songs, alternative rock, lounge music, spiritual trance where those few genres I can now recall…Phew..!
So much has been written about music by various writers, it is one of the oldest and most loved art forms in the whole world. They’ve called music as love, music as god, to get high or to have bliss, to get close to god or just to have a wonderful afternoon, to have spiritual enlightenment, to express love or just push the gas while on a ride, men have resorted to music.. People have created and enjoyed music for every occasion, every possible moment just like that old MTV ad saying there is music for everyone.
But after having heard so much, I don’t feel proud or arrogant but only humbled coz I know deep inside me that whatever I have heard and is calling great or greatest is just a drop in the vast ocean of music..!!
After all the whole is just a cosmic Vibration..!!(ask a physicist)
-Santhosh a.k.a Rambler

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