What is it… My friend just mentioned in her blog, that Life and relationships would all be better if we just keep that three letter word aside.

I ask questions to myself,

Why can’t you keep your ego aside…? on a rational level

  • Why do you want to create a tense moment and remain silent or shout when your ego is hurt, all you need is to remove the ego. Simple..! Is it simple..?

But there is another question popping up in my mind, on an emotional level..!

  • Why can’t a person who is close to me just understand that I have got a sensitive ego and not poke it and create the tense moment at the first place.

The question remains… and I wonder..!!

Do we need to relate everything into winning and losing, that if we lose in a heated argument in a relationship, why do feel betrayed, cheated feeling that this is not what I want…

But, If you remove the ego and take the hurt at that point and move forward, There are few possibilities, the other person might think that, its not a sensitive matter and will poke even more, you will end up taking more and more hits…

But if you shout, fight, argue and cry (may be even together), So, the ego was hurt, may be they learned from the incident, may be the crack was formed which may or may not heal…But, the relation is at stake…

Does that in any way mean that the relation was not supposed to happen at the first place?

I wonder..!

What is to be blamed, what is to be done, when humans try to find faults, reasons, logic, solutions and explanations to these situations…

I wonder..!

Is it ego which is takin’ over?

Again I am trying to point everything at a mere three letter word, When your life, love and relationship is at stake… Where can we run..? where can we hide..?

I wonder..!

-Santhosh K Ramachandran

  • I love this one too..”The Best” is on its way to come out..won`t say this is best because you will grow every minute,every second,there is a “better”best waiting…:)..abt Ego,m cofused,tats the point where I want “Krishna” in my frnd nd m getting to see sm glimpses of Him….there are too many things going on in my mind abt this whole ego thng,this post triggered them even more…n I can`t find words to bring those thoughts out….