Few say they have spoilt me… Few say I take them for granted… Few say I am lucky to have them…They are all right..!

I am just happy that I am the youngest and the most spoilt, I am happy that my father hasn’t raised his voice against me even once, I am glad that my mom cries even if I skip a meal…I am overwhelmed by their patience and care for a stubborn, naughty kid I was..

If I can do something to them, this video will show what I will do…With my money(when I have it), coz am a poor kid of a rich dad and even richer bro..!

This is wat I wanna do..

I don’t want to say anything more..

Amma, I miss your chatter..

Acha, I miss your comforting words..


-A spoilt kid…

  • Spoilt u are and a kid at heart u will be….and I am sure this is going to happen to your parents…. to bust your spoilt kid bubble… u need a good credit history for any bank to put that much money at your disposal…..hahahahhahahahahaha… good luck!!

  • “stubborn, naughty kid I was.. “…is this a grammatical mistake or do I need to remind u tat you are still tat way??…:)..btw,I saw this video many times on was more frequent few days be4 I came here..donno if they were telecasting it more often or i was jst paying more attention to it…everytime I saw it,i promised myself..u cn guess wt the promise was…”I don’t want to say anything more”..nthg more is needed..its more than enuf to make ppl homesick n force Ganga-Yamuna to flow….

  • ok ok ok my turn now!!!

    WHATEVER!!! 😛

    nice one though… Mr.Dreamer!

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