Taking things for granted…!!


We all take things for granted, its a meticulous human trait.

We( if you can read this, you are part of that ‘We’) take food, water, air we breathe, clothing, the home we reside for granted. Sometimes we just wonder how precious these things are but soon gets lost in the busy day to day life. I am not pointing out that all are alike in their perception about these basic necessities of human life, but that, we all take these things granted more easily.

But, I want to more ponder about how we take people in our life for granted rather than material stuff. Many of the troubles in a relationship stems out of taking the other person for granted. At the first place, we take them for granted, then we poke at the wrong places, we get insensitive, we forget what others want, we manage to hurt them, and at certain point we don’t know what we ourselves want, suddenly a relationship is in peril.

This aspect is not only valid for a man-woman relationship, but also for child-parents, friends, roommates etc. So why does we do it, If we know its going to hurt the relationship which we cherish. Is it more comfortable, is it more of an illogical human tendency, is it a naturally acquired lame gift in the course of a relationship, is it the way of saying that we are informal and that we are close..!

If there is one thing I want to improve about myself is to learn how to cherish and nurture a relationship before its too late.

   “I have many pebbles in me, but just like a river, I wanna roll and bring every pebble into the right shape and texture.”


-Santhosh K Ramachandran

  • No one ds it knowingly,rite??..To forget what the other person wants, first we need to know what it actually is….probably people just need to talk and be honest about their needs and feelings..nd its nt easy..we all want to treasure our relatonships but still at somepoint all the problems raise their head,many reasons like..lack of conversation,EGO…anywaz,gud pt..btw,plz dunt b like many otrs who jst ramble abt probs,tell the solutions…:)

  • To take things for granted is human nature, becos complacency is easy to get into…it is a way of getting into the lowest energy conformation …to consciously work on a relation, be it ANY is the most exhausting thing in life…but usually the reward for the work put in is worth it….we explain the reasons for taking relations for granted as ego, lack of conversation, etc…but in reality we are just lazy…most of us are not proactive about our own lives, so another life and its liveliness means little to us…. Jyoti!!…this blog is not about rambling about probs…its a conscious effort to identify something within oneself that one does not agree completely as a trait to a higher end and exploring methods to improve oneself…no one can help you with that…the truth is always within you…search for it with full honesty and there is a slight chance you might identify with it!!

  • Ranjana di,I don`t know if I want to call it laziness,but I think,I am too young to say anything about it…you definitely know much much better than I do…:)…by asking him to tell the solutions not just the probs,I was just requesting him to tell how he thinks he is going to avoid taking things for granted….anyways,you are absolutely right and wonderful piece of advice..thanks..:)

  • and about the truth,sometimes we know it but just too chicken to accept it…Not that we don`t want to work on it or solve the problems in any relationship but something stops..I name it EGO..Hope,I learn to overcome it…:)

  • Thats a nice way of looking at it… watever I say is my perception and I have a skewed way of looking at things…they are my view and my views only…I am just glad we are not at loggerheads…hopefully u find the strength to fight your ego!!

  • Having your own perception is nt the problem… Thinking uor perception is the only right one is the root of problem..

    When one thinks that, the way you were brought up is the right way, and all others are wrong in their idea of bringing up is a classic example of above statement…


    Nice to know that you are learning from other people..

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