Room, Roomie and Bedside Lamp..!


So, this is about my lodging, I had stayed in Branegan Court along with Vineet for the first few days in V’s apt, that is where I had first landed. A sweet place to land on where you actually don’t feel far from home… After a week I was thrown outsmile_sad. Coz, the actual tenants who were out of town had returned, so we(me and Vineet) could use their beds until they returned. After that first week when I could eat the famous Dal along with rice, which absolutely made me feel like home I moved to Anbu’s apt in Grant Chamberlain. After a week’s stay there and cooking lessons from Anbu which I half heartedly learned, I moved to another apt in Grant Chamberlain Drive with an American Apt mate. I stayed there for almost 8 months, where I would learn the basics and and go on to get the advanced degree in Indian cooking. There I had my first experience of house making, My groceries shopping, My brain storming over Heat conduction problems, My long video chat with all my friends and family with my newfound experience of American life. Proudly showing my friends the beer bottles I have in my refrigerator.

After the fall and winter in there, I got regular in cooking Indian stuff, I was done with the fast food garbage in the form of noodles and hash browns I used to have, But I didn’t leave it 100% though. (come on, you can’t!).

I had always kept my room cleansmile_nerd, my apt mate was also pretty good in keeping the room clean(but not so good in keeping clean himself). So, in the spring, I always used to have good food in the night, either outside in a restaurant or at someone’s place where Indian gatherings occur or at my place along with Umang. So dinners used to be always fun(unless I have a bad assignment) with lot of laughter and masti. But the dinners with Umang were the best, we used to laugh and laugh and laugh even more. Over what? don’t ask me, either I don’t know or I don’t want to write about it.

So, the news of him leaving to California came in April, those were one of the reasons of me leaving Grant Chamberlain, Another major thing which influenced my move  towards V’s apartment was because of the French windows  in those Branegan court apartments, I love ‘em, so When there was an opportunity to move as V’s apt mate, I was considering it pretty well. Few other reasons also helped me to reach that conclusion of moving in there like eating Dal prepared by V heart. So I moved in late may when  I had started my laborious window washing. From then, I was slowly slowly making it my home, Bit by bit, paper by paper, day by day, Now I can call it my home to a more than satisfactory level. I have almost made a collage for my wall, I stuck posters on almost every door to have an identity, (Even on V’s bedroom door). I know where the masalas are and I know where to find the tool kit.

More than me making the apt home and me liking the roomie, it is even better and sweet when the roomie likes you, that is a sweet feeling, which you badly wanna protect, cherish and enjoy.

I am doing it, I am loving it, and I am making a home bit by bit, piece by piece and  day by day, after all home is where the heart is..!

-A Roomie who is happy n content (Dakkan, Gaddha, Besaram, Saala, Nautanki and many more..)