Ok, I may be a mechanical Engineer by education, but I am not worried about mechanics or stress points or other internal forces in a continuum when I am blogging.

I had had a stressful week behind me, nothing new, I have had that in the past as well just like billions of my fellow human beings. Wikipedia and WHO claims or mentions that stress is formed when human beings fail to tackle emotional or physical threats properly. I dunno what the heck that means..! Just like any other problem, it is a manageable situation until we confront it, When one confronts, he’ll recoil, panic and the bravery is all locked up in the closet.

V mentioned in his status msg(gtalk) that “Harder it is, Harder you get…LIFE”

Hmmm, its true just like many of the thousand motivational posters you see being posted all over the various campuses and workplaces. Something yesterday night reminded me of an ancient Chinese curse, it goes like this…

“May you live in interesting times”, I had read that in some book, I don’t remember which one. But the point is that I used to wonder how can that be a curse, I used to think if it was all peaceful and serene, it’ll be boring too. Some part of me still don’t think that is a curse, But right now, we are living in an interesting time. The great Global recession of 00’s is definitely an interesting time.

Oops, I have wavered a lot from what I wanted to write, I was going to write some stress relaxation methods I use,  I am not following a 1$ magazine for that purpose. LOL, anyways, Many people follow various different techniques they find comfortable,  it varies  from solitude or meditation to Dancing or long distance running. Depends on how you want to release it. Mine are rather simple(I’d like to believe so), they include Running, Oh man! There is no way to express the pleasure of releasing sweat. Secondly By Cleaning, whether that is dishes, my room or just anything, it cleans up you heart and soul as well. (At least, it has worked for me), and Finally, to write, I don’t publish all of that is another reason.  It helps to crib about about something which you may have no control over. To vent out the anger on something that won’t shout back at you. LOL.

Is summer over? It’s cold outside.. 🙁

-Santhosh K Ramachandran