Half plus Better-half makes lute

I am restless, my throat is aching, I just had my lunch, so cant go off to run, so I wanted to blog…I need to blog..a stupid rush of silent restlessness is creeping in.. What will I blog about.. An idea popped, about what it will be if I marry somebody.

The stupidity begins.
My mom frantically wants to see me get married, more importantly-the girl of her choice. As it is the case in any conservative Indian household. My dad wont dare to speak up against my stubborn mom, the same happened with my sister and my brother-they got married in their respective youth. My brother was engaged at my current age. (My real age, not the age I look like)
But me, the story is slightly different, at least I hope so.
So my mom thinks that I should too be engaged by now. I had gotten off my mom’s hook at the age of 15, when I moved to Thrissur for my higher secondary schooling. After that I haven’t been home for more than a fortnight continuously. Seems like my Maternal Grandpa had predicted that I will not be home from 15 to 36. My mom told me this, so I don’t believe it. But it is true until now. So, my mom haven’t really gotten a glimpse of what is happening in my life. I have hid about all the girl friends I have had from my mom, she has some doubts and hints, but nothing is clear to her… ha ha ha.. But still she want to make sure that I marry a girl of her own choice the way she wants at the place she thinks is right at the proper time after consulting astrologers and other elders.

No belligerent remarks on that ideology. LOL.

Right now, she is sad that she had to sent me to America without ‘FIXing’ me to some girl. My aunts are even more sad about that fact. It is a different story that they won’t understand that there are 3 other guys elder than me who is unmarried in my mom’s extended family.
So, I have got hints that she had already decided on some girl who is doing her bachelor’s back in India. Poor Girl. Poor me.
So, I am worried about going to India to confront my mom and possibly that poor soul. First of all, I have no notion to get married. Secondly, I have no notion to marry someone my mom decides. My claim is that she chose my sister in law and she doesn’t like her(at least she won’t accept that!) So she will hate the person she chooses for me as well. Marriage is commitment which scares me. It takes either lot of nerve or raw courage or ignorance to marry somebody. I don’t have any of those(So, I claim!).
Apart from that, marrying a stranger of my mom’s choice is like having ice cream with Biriyani toppings, Both are good. But not recommended together. So if I go home, and if I endure a bride viewing ceremony as the purported American groom(which is wrong in every sense, just like calling Native Americans as Indians) I will be in for some surprises.
One of the ironies of the relation will be that, I will be a better cook than her, rest of them, I can’t say or predict, since I don’t know anything about that soul whom I don’t want to marry.
Hopes my mom understands this and gives me a wild card.
-A Bachelor