Micro revolution..!

So much hullaballoo about the national language and regional languages back in India, Member of legislation being hit for speaking in Hindi, Marathi Manoos taking on Biharis…

Idea of India, Indianness is losing its meaning. To mention that, was there any ‘idea’ beforehand? Indians themselves are trying to generalize Indians as unpunctual, narrow minded, “chalta hai” attitude. Indians trying to show their incompetence in their mother tongue and taking pride in that fact. Can it be worse, and we say we have got a rich history and culture. Being aloof from Indians is the latest trend in that regard. Indians trying to take advantage by provoking nationalist feelings outside India. Excuse me! Am I lost here?

Whenever, I see people blaming their politicians, their own state, their own language, their own culture. I feel bad and sad. I am not against criticizing. But probably being an optimist, I prefer criticizing the public rather than the establishment. Our Country has shortage or lack of quality in almost every field, there is no denying that fact.  I am more worried about the lack of quality in people’s attitude. Second aspect is far more difficult to improve than the first one. If people’s attitude are improved, I am sure that the country has better chance of progressing.

Our nation is a responsible nation, We take pride when we say that our country was not affected by the global recession. But the same people criticize when the same policies prefers slower and safer growth rather than fast and risky growth. Our people take pride when they saw that India respected the line of control  during the Kargil war even though we could have gone as far as the International boundary, but criticize the entire system for every terrorist or communal attack in our country.

We have had a bad history with terrorism, internal problems with Naxalites, Maoists. communal riots, anti nationalist movements, caste wars, regionalist attitude waged war. But look our neighbors, Lanka is just out of a civil war with millions of lives lost, Pakistan is crippling between Taliban, scare of another military coup, unsafe nuclear weapons, foreign forces, unsafe intelligence agency. Nepal is under Maoist rule after the monarchy was overthrown and the heads murdered. Myanmar is a different story altogether, China being under Communist rule. I am not claiming that we should find solace in looking at the worse stink neighbors are living in. But to appreciate the democracy, freedom we enjoy. safeguarding those Gandhian values. I don’t want you to join Army, politics or administrative service. But look at yourself before you get agitated by a new policy a new report on some Mosque demolition. I want you to look at yourself what role you are playing in national interest. The payment of taxes, not spitting in the buildings, not ruining the national monuments, not littering public places. Small things. Small things count.

Just like a right extremist Christian challenging the scientific world to prove evolution in a laboratory setting, it is impossible since evolution was a product of micro evolution over a period of time. What we want is small steps towards development, security and liberal and a free India. I call it micro revolution, not demanding world class infrastructure to begin with, but taking small small possible steps towards that or for that matter any goal.

As the saying goes, even a journey of 13,000 miles start with small number of steps towards your parking lot.

I have lived in 2 Indian states travelled through 10 states and 3UTs, have met and mingled with people from majority of states.

I am outside India myself. But I would never belittle India, and I am considering this outing outside India just like one would go out of his home to explore the wild. So, before you call me an NRI(Non returning Indian) or a hypocrite, let me make that clear, I am not going to settle anywhere but India. I take pride in that fact and not as a sacrifice by going to my under-developed home back from one of the most developed nation. But for a simple reason, home is where the heart always is..!



An NRI 😛