Telengana-more to come?


The last blog was drafted few weeks back, but was never published, I had even forgotten, so I published it today. But today, I want to look into similar but a different issue altogether.

Everyone(at least desis) knows about the center’s nod for a separate state of Telangana. Let me put up my view right here so that you don’t have to read the entire blog. I would have preferred KC Rao dying of hunger than the split.

When the Union of India was formed after the partition(the greatest Asian blunder of the 20th century), it was a good decision to divide the Union into states on linguistic and geographical lines. There is always some give-and-take in that decision. But nevertheless it was the apt decision, soon the number of states started to grow, Haryana and Himachal formed out of Punjab. Gujarat and Maharashtra formed from the state of Bombay, The state of Madras, Mysore and Hyderabad formed the four southern states and likewise in the rest of the region.

The major positive outcome is the preservation of the language and the region’s culture, I am made to wonder what would have happened to Kerala’s identity and Malayalam language if it was maintained a part of the state of Madras. I am glad that it didn’t happen, else there might have been oppression and administrative issues.


Precisely the point, If there are administrative issues and oppression issues, the bifurcation is an option but not the only option. I began the blog by mentioning about the great partition, it wasn’t great in any means but to prove my point. The state of Pakistan is a mess and in total turmoil, India, on the other hand lost an important port, is made to live with a hostile neighbor and you know the rest of the story. It is a lose-lose situation. I had discussed Telangana issue almost a year back with gultes here in Bozeman, I didn’t see any support for it, and in my personal view, I too thought it was just a reason to be spat on.

The major reason is that those so called leaders are hungry for power, I admit that I don’t know the entire background and history of the region, If you want states based on the princely states of the erstwhile pre-independent, pre-imperialist era, then Kerala itself can be partitioned to 3 states, Cochin, Travancore and Malabar. I haven’t seen any request from my state for any trifurcation, but I heard about bifurcation request from Tamilnadu. Ramadoss, one of the 3rd rate politician, another power hungry corrupt politician who uses casteism to reach his personal selfish means. My Tamil friends almost spat on such a stupid claim. He cited administrative issues, yeah! sure, so that he will be able to administer any such possible small state.

I have always been against dividing for any reason whatsoever, whether that is Srilanka, Vietnam, Korea or Czechoslovakia. Whenever you divide or split something, it is exactly like amputing your body. Its never pleasant. Just like an ugly partition in an Indian household.


There is a quote about power and corruption, I am not sure whether I am getting the words right, but here it goes,

“Power is clean just like money, it is not corrupt on its own. Its the corrupt people who corrupts the power and money.”

-Based on Ayn Rand in Atlas shrugged.


-Santhosh K Ramachandran


After the 1st few paras, my lappie went out of power, and my ever forgetful nature made me forget to get the charger 😀 now am here with a different charger struggling to finish the blog.