Happy new year-Total rambling.

Coming to India with all the transits and shopping was not such a big deal, if you just know the hectic schedule one encounters once you set your foot in here. Temples to begin with, I have been on a great pilgrimage in this holy land. Thanking and bowing to those unknown forces which made me take birth in this holy land.

The pilgrimages are a great way to spend your time in India, no wonder the author chose India as the holy land in the book “eat pray love”, I even felt she wanted to write a book about India omitting all the details about the country and threw in two item numbers called Italy and Indonesia If you want to compare it to a bollywood flick. There are multiple feelings when I reach a temple, one to enjoy the serenity, appreciate the architecture, trying to understand the symbolisms still existing since millenniums, then what for my sister is bribing God, then it gives me a chance to wear dhoti or mundu(in case of a temple in Kerala), also it gives me a chance to observe people, its a new thing I’ve started to enjoy or started to accept that I observe simple gestures of people. The sadhus, old women, kids, teenage girls, newly weds coming for various reasons, reasoning something.

Once when I was in Guruvayur, I had gone with my brother and his friends. Towards the gate of the temple, one person had brought a newly bought car and had opened his hood facing the temple. He was praying and there were garlands in the engine and stuff. One of my brother’s friend who is a big devotee(at least he’ believes so, i guess.) he ridiculed this act and was commenting that “the god himself had made engine, the iron used for it, and this fool is bringing it and showing it to the god”. I was hurt by the statement. One, he is ridiculing someone else’s belief. Second, he is there at the temple, By his logic, god had made him too.. then why is he visiting the temple. I didn’t object or counter-argue to his statements but kept silent. Tolerance, is something which we need to imbibe in ourselves, respect other’s sentiments. I respect all religious places, It provides calmness, Praying is a very good habit, it opens up your sub conscious mind. I love all religious places whether its a mosque, church, synagogue, monastery or a temple. But I am completely irked by religious organizations. I feel that is the sole reason for the religious bigotry we have today. We should not consider a religious place as an institution but as a place to have peace of mind. I am against organizations because of one more thing. I believe one’s beliefs should be like one’s genitals, private,pure and one’s own.

What am I talking here..So after  more than half a dozen temple visits, reunions, meeting up with friends, shopping, movie watching and get-togethers. I am satiated, tired, sleepy but still pumped up for more, lot more is happening in my life, which I might rather mention it in a different blog. But the eventful 2009 culminated in its rightful way. What a decade it had been. The decade where I had reached adolescence, the moment I had started to think. I am glad, the awesome summer of ‘09 and the eventful 4years I had before that with the best folks possible with even more awesome mech life. The tiring and testing 2years in Trichur preceding that, and the 2years in K.V.O where it all began. That is where my life had started. I would like to say that I was born on March 26 2000, when I was 14. I would like to write about my past, especially the last 10years. Its no fairy tale, lot of broken hearts, lot of bleeding hands, fights, friends, foes, fear..but it was not one bit boring, it was all happening, it was all FUN. the most important ‘F’, the fun factor was always there, Bus rides, Bike rides, road trips, hikes, soccer games, crushes, betrayals, politics, philosophy, hypocrisy, chauvinism, heroism you name it, its bound to have happened. I didn’t enjoy it all. But I don’t regret it, not one bit. Coz, the past had made me what I am. And I don’t regret what I am. In fact I love what I am. So why should I regret the past.

The Jan 1st of 2010 had been pure bliss, from the moment it clocked 0000hrs, its happening. its happening. Its the best Jan 1st I’ve ever had in my life, its not all fairy tale again, but no complaints. LOL. I am livin’ it..I am lovin’ it..

Having said that, thank you 00’s what a decade it had been.

10’s, am coming..!

-A traveler.