Phir mile sur.. I think the sur lost its way in 22yrs.

Hi folks..

Gotta write abt it..I had 2 other topics to write abt, but this should come out so that I can vent out my anger and disappointment.

That is the video made 22years back for the independence day, a classic. No doubts, with a meaningful flow which can generate goosebumps and the unity part is decisively shown.

But the “Phir mile sur” which was released this Republic day was a major if not total hogwash.

First the quality, half of the lip sync is not proper with many faces

Second, the flow, there is no flow, the older version had states from north shown then the south, then the east and then the west…Here the new version, Here Tamil pops out second, then Telugu, then it goes all haywire.

Then the most disappointing feature, the choice of personalities, and how it was depicted… To begin with Vikram is justified because at least he has won a national award, but why Surya. Did they don’t want to include a face which was shown last time, say Kamal hassan, then why was Amitabh bachan shown. If they are going by popularity, No one can beat Kamal or Rajini. Then what for was Sivamani, his part was enjoyable no doubt, but he is not even a padma shri. Atleast Mahesh babu and Salman khan had some message to convey. But someone tell me why do we need Deepika padukone and her legs for national integration.
If they had to show a director for god sake, Karan johar? I would prefer Mani ratnam, Bala or Adoor Gopalakrishnan who have won national awards to be the director’s face. If they wanted to remix and promote a bollywood movie, this is perfect, But for republic day, I doubt that. What has Shahid kapoor and Shiamak Davar got to do here. And Ranbir Kapoor, Oh yeah. He is a must have, i guess. Sadly Sonu and Yesudas were not given the proper respect.

The older version had yester year actors coming together to show unity, what did SRK, Aamir and Salman do, I guess they wanted seperate screen space or they haven’t sorted out their latest drunken brawl, And Aamir! I don’t want Mile sur to be sung to the tunes of Ey! Kya bolti tu. Please give me a break, At least Shahrukh was standing next to the new highway next to Mumbai. But Delhi metro was absent. And Mamooty was shown walking with a horrible lip sync. Aiswarya was rightly placed, but this is not Cannes, and we can live without Abisek for a while.

To talk about missing people, Where is Sachin, Dhoni and all. Cricket is totally absent, not even a hockey ground was shown. Where is Viswanathan Anand or Sania Mirza, Paes and Bhupathi. God, did they come may be as background artistes. But still where is Sachin?

Jawans are shown towards the end, they are the neglected class I guess, and where is Kalam? Where the hell is Kalam. If development was to be shown, where was the IT sector, where was the nano, Did I miss Narayana moorthy or Ratan tata in that video. If Bhutia was to be shown, he could have been shown with a football at least.

None of the literary figures were shown. None of the NRIs, at least Kalpana Chawla should have been shown. I don’t know what else to write, I am disappointed.

-A disappointed Indian.