I will cross the skies for her..!

” I met her first on a mountain top.

Mountains, so close to my heart,
which embraces the blue sky.
O! the ever-changing nothingness,
How I stare at you day and night!
O! the eternal and infinite sky,
How her absence makes me blue like you..!

How I wandered in desperate search,
everywhere in this world and beyond.
How everything got a meaning, 
just by her smile.
When she became the meaning,
Just with her smile…!

Someone wondered, “But how?”,
I have no clear answer,
but all I know is that 
I will cross the skies for her,
விண்ணை தாண்டி வருவான் இவன் (Vinnai thaandi varuvaan ivan…)
I will cross the skies for her..!”