Can the magic of spring be far behind?

Minutes away from being 24,
Miles away from my love.
as the clock ticks trotting the transient time..
distance that brought detachment
is also there to diminish..!

Mused with a muddled mind,
even after the summer shower,
which brought along a sweet smell.
it also smeared as it went..!

That is not the fragrance,
my heart told my mind,
In despair, deluged with doubts,
my cheeks went wet…

On the seventh day after solstice,
the magic, the first act, the first daze.
The choking continued, the canter carried on…
The chaos will come to an end,
change will come and chains will be shattered,
where I’ll be content in her comfort.
After all, If Winter comes, can the magic of Spring be far behind?

-Santhosh Ramachandran
(On the eve of my 24th B’day…!)

P.S The last line is loosely from the poem “Ode to the West Wind”by Percy Bysshe Shelley