I’ve written a blog with the same title more than a year back (link). But that was on a totally different aspect. After all moon is being treated, studied, wowed for as many reasons as there are craters in the moon. This particular post is about effects on humans based on some evidence-less experience from the author.

I used to(still do) boast about me being born on a full moon. But for this post, I googled about the lunar effects on humans, and found the web world opining both positively and negatively about that theory. Those who favor it have all sorts of statistics, myths, stories and reports. The same is the case with those who are not supporting that theory blaming on lack of evidence, scientific proof, they also cite results to validate their respective arguments.

I am sitting here, wondering what the hell is happening here due to the most beautiful piece in the night sky. Honestly I believe that there are effects by the moon on humans. Just like it has on tides, plants and werewolves (lol). There are so many stories, folklore, thrillers, myths surrounding moon. Vampires, werewolves and what not, everything is on a hunt on a new moon, full moon and even eclipses. My fiancée is one of those millions of fans avidly following the twilight saga. I wonder whether moon is aware of all this.

Why am I writing it down, because I believe I am influenced by moon by  a great deal. I would have been indifferent to such a statement a year back. And would have shrugged that off and be cool with it. But in the last one year, I have found myself being restless, irritable, depressed for around 2 days prior to full moon, and completely normal from the full moon onwards. And I have felt that way for the past ten months or so on a continuous basis. If I am out of my league at a point of time, and check out the moon calendar, I found myself staring at the proof. I found today being very slow paced, even after being very sunny and beautiful day, my body was tired, my mind completely slow paced, nothing was interesting me. I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t make myself to anything. And I checked the moon calendar an hour back, and it wasn’t full moon. But it was new moon. (I wrote these yesterday)

Then the question arose in my mind, then why is it that the scientific world not able to provide a concrete evidence on the effects. Only thing I can speculate is that, the way full moon affects people are different from person to person. According to a scholar whom I met in Kerala few months back, Its just like allergy. Few people are allergic to certain medicines, food etc. The same goes with moon, objects, certain images, certain visuals. When I told him about its effect on me, he just said to ignore moon and not look at it. But I love to stare at  the moon and I still do.

But there is nothing much I can do on a new moon day.

Just like ignoring the allergy of lactose, and eating ice cream won’t make you any less allergic. So that therapy didn’t help much.



I am wondering whether many people have stories of their own. I am not blaming on that elliptical mass for my mood swings, but honestly I believe it has a role. There is a court somewhere in the world, which relents against those crimes which were performed on a full moon. Interesting. Anyways, it did take away a productive day from my life. May be I needed a refreshing day off. Whatever it is. I am back.

-Santhosh Rama”chandran” (Chandran means moon in indic languages)