Sailor of the hearts- Kutty Srank

I am not great in writing reviews, but I like to scribble something about movies which has struck some unusual chord in me. I had written twice before on movies vizKannathil muthamittal” and “Neelathamara”, a Tamil and Malayalam movie respectively.

This movie is set in Kerala, with lagoons, greenery and beaches bursting in its full glory. The movie is a portrayal of a grown up orphan named ‘kutty srank’ through the words of three women. The lead role is played incredibly by Mamooty.

In this movie, there is lot of importance given to the number 3. There are three female lead roles, the entire movie is set in 3 different seasons, the monsoon, summer and winter. The movie depicts 3 different shades of a single man. Three different landscape in Kerala, the Travancore, Malabar and Kochi. The three different female leads are from three major religions, Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism. More than the religion, it is the cultural and social backgrounds which strike the viewer(Its also 3). One lady is an educated ideological rebel. The next one a young cultural handicap who wants to get out of the clutches of society. The third being an outcast, who is termed as evil by the elite of the society.
Since, there is no single storyline except the main lead role, and the three sub plots presents a magical journey of the character’s life (sometimes one’s own). It is hard to describe the movie in words since the words will fail to reproduce the magic created which was presented visually, aurally and by stellar performances. Also contrasting and conflicting through out its length.
Lot of subtle scenes are present through out the film. One where the silence and an empty corridor or a tick of clock leaves the viewer speechless. The narration by a female writer in the third sub plot is electrifying to say the least. The three shades of the main character are also in display which shifts bit by bit. Firstly, he is a noble servant with no heart and compassion who only takes orders. He relents towards the end. The second plot he searches for an identity among the society, for acceptance, friendship and may be love. Finally in the third part, he is a changed man, finding peace within himself in the form of compassion, sympathy and contentment. Also, the movie portrays a wide arrays of human emotions and expressions with the aid of performances by the cast.

It is definitely not a feel good movie for the general audience, it is a subtle movie which is a portrayal of life in three shades rather from the clichéd ‘duality. Many tend to label movies for their quality with adjectives. For me, they are just an artist’s rendition. For some, it has no purpose, or for others, it has all the purposes. However, for me searching for purpose in a piece of art is as simple as a wild goose chase.
-Santhosh K Ramachandran

P.S: ‘kutty’ has a lexical gap in English., it can mean ‘cute one’, ‘small one’, boy/girl, child. ‘Kutty srank’ doesn’t literally mean “sailor of hearts”.
This movie won the national award this year for the best picture.