Help Burma Help.

This will be my 100th post for my blog. It is World aids day. I want this post to be completely non personal and help (supposedly) humanity by sharing knowledge about a south-east Asian nation Burma (a close neighbor to India). It was also a part of the greater India during British Raj. I also want to strongly condemn my (Indian) Government’s stand towards the situation in Burma. The evil of dictatorship and military rule existing there should be crushed if not today, then tomorrow.
I am just going to reproduce the material I got from a Pro- Burma campaign which was made by a friend….!
The requests are:
-Spread news about Burma to your community
-Read a democratic newspaper about Burma, like the Irrawaddy
-Petition your senators and representatives to supoort Burma
-Don’t buy gas from companies that support the military regime, including Chevron.
-Volunteer at an organization on the Thai-Burma border. The Burma volunteer program. The link.
-Donate money to families of political prisoners or families living in poverty.
-Donate money to support education on Burma, or to help provide scholarship for a displaced Burmese youth to go to college.
Various Websites listed in the resource:
Apart from the websites provided in the resource list. I wanted to share the link to five books website where they mention five books on the topic of Burma. The link.
-Santhosh K Ramachandran

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