Eat run write- III The writing part.


All of you have googled your name, everyone would love to see their name yielding some results, some sensible results. If you are an Indian, especially south Indian, people with same family names are a bit of uncommon and possibility of yielding “no results” are rather common Sad smile.

I wrote the 1st two part of this three part series in October, then I never bothered writing about the third part, which is ‘writing’. Honestly, I am not a great writer, I would like to be – is a different issue.

I rant, I ramble, the term is there in my blog title too, I started writing the blog with the hope and idea that after some time period, I will be able to look back and reflect how I used to think and how I used to write, how I construct ideas, and how I put down my imaginations. Since, I have a horrible hand writing, this blog page helped me ease the embarrassment of my writing at least in the area of legibility. Grammar issues, I guess I can live with that.

I also write to vent out some form of ____, what should I call it may be ‘content’ from my head, though writing is not my favorite form to engage in communication, that goes to the age old form of ‘discourse’. But, writing is indeed a stress buster just like cooking and running. Anger, love, happiness or pain can be dissipated or shared by writing and it’s the right channel unlike ‘sweat’ one leaves out while running.

How does one become a great writer is very subjective, what make a great work is also very subjective. It is definitely not having a grammatically correct prose. It may be about originality, story construction, gripping nature, language usage etc etc. I always tend to say to a person who doesn’t “like” a book I had liked is that, a book is limited to the intelligence of the reader. It’s not said by me, but I quote it quite often. But what make a writer great is obviously acceptance, that is not what all writers seek, but who wouldn’t mind a bit of acceptance and fame.  Writers are artists who just want to create something, they are happy with their creation, just like their own baby, they are insecure about it, caring and protecting it and even arguing for it. They can’t take rejection of their creation if her/his goal is to reach masses. Hence, acceptance plays a big role.

So, the point is, are you wondering whether I had a point,  actually, on rare occasions I do have a point. I sent my first letter (LINK)  to the editor in December, it was accepted and however small the magazine may be, I was elated. The nicest thing was that, the magazine in its online version has posts tagged under my name. I found it very humbling. (Even though I have only one post.) Smile.

The Google search on my name delivers results of that page, and results of two running races which had appeared in a local newspaper. Hmmm, so someone who is Googling my name will find that I am into running and writing. May be I will get some results about eating (cooking) to make the trilogy of this series perfect.

You know what, I am glad in my own cute little selfish way.

santhosh k ramachandran - Google Search

-Santhosh K Ramachandran.