Let it snow..

Every time one does something new, the sensation is of either getting enthralled or of abhorring the experience. I despised my XC skiing experience in the winter of 2008-09, and I got mesmerized the first time I went snowboarding this season. I can compare and contrast various factors which might have influenced my response to both the sport including the climate, company and coaching. However,I don’t want to note down those memories of XC skiing as the memory is a bit sketchy and the recollections of my bum brushing or rather bulldozing against blocks rock-solid ice is not very pleasing to evoke.
I had never thought of snow sports after anomalies of last winter. But here I am, looking forward to my third day, I have been on the slopes of Bridger bowl twice now, graduating barely to ‘blue’ on the second day. The first day even though I would like to call it splendid and mind blowing, it was still painful. The tiresome ordeal of getting up and falling down was squeezing out my energy like hell. Sometimes you just lie on the snow until the nerves relent on my feet, arms, bum and elsewhere. For the morning of first day, I was boarding along with kids who had not learned how to walk. And in the afternoon, they were racing me and doing technical jumps on the ‘sunny side’. Honestly, I was not at all embarrassed. Buhaha. I remember on the second day I could maneuver the green slopes without falling for the most part not because I had mastered the heeling and toeing, but because I (read mind, body and spirit) was done FALLING DOWN.
The most magical, mystical and my favorite part is when I put on the goggles, the cosmos pauses, clamor wanes, the agony vanishes, the sepia tone takes charge, and then as in a transcendental manner ‘I Fly’.
Though, the momentary trance is soon overcome with my face on the snow, the blissful memory has enough juice to soothe out the pain from my body, I get up and I get going.
Me at Bridger Bowl
I have to thank my body for putting up with my stupid mind and its idiosyncrasies. The drill during the summer had definitely helped both my lungs and my heart. I am looking forward to more trips to the slope, the views from 8,000 feet towards the Crazies and Absaroka from the Bridger in the winter is completely new for me. Who knows, may be I will be boarding from the ridge by the end of the season.
-Santhosh K Ramachandran
P.S: Thanks to Mid and Issac for putting up with me, and a big thanks to Gimmy.

"Oh The Weather Outside Is Fruitful
But The Powder Is So Delightful
Since I've a Place To Go
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow"