I had written about snowboarding which is my new found love, but I felt like I am forsaking my old love of other sports for this new kitty-cat. Hence, I thought I will write about 2 other sports which means a lot to me. May be I will write more in the future, but 2 as of now.
As a matter of fact, I started playing this sport only from the fall of 2008. I learned to hold onto a bat and hit the tiniest ball I’ve ever seen. Unlike the familiar racquet sports of badminton which I’ve played and tennis which I watch quite often, you don’t face the opponent. I mean you don’t get to be in front of your ‘rival’. All you get to see is the big wall, you can’t even be affected by the looks from the other player. It’s not that sledging is non existent, you get to be in the same corners as your opponent and the shouts and shrieks echoes inside the four walls. And the panting and rush of blood can be sensed. There you go, the stage is set for an adrenaline pumping RING. (If the competition is anywhere close)
I learned the game from my best friend in Bozeman, she had been playing it since her teens, and she was looking for company to play the sport for a while.  I was into it the moment she asked and she still doesn’t tell me or even know why she asked me to play with her. On the first day, she was so trying to make me like the game, so that she will get a joker to play the sport with her. I could sense it in her voice and body language, like a kid with a candy. When I showed some indifference, I don’t know whether she was hurt or not. But she did show some discomfort.
She wanted to just smack the ball, real hard, she said she was taking all her anger out on people in her personal and professional life. Ideal stress buster. I guess, she always come to the gym nagging and whining and return happy having left out all the negative energy. She found peace in that court. I liked the sport too and she was happy to have found a partner. And we got some variety in the form of Umang to play, as he was also just learning the game.
We played almost everyday, and we got along well, both were punctual and respected each other and our friendship bloomed. Since I was a newbie, our skills matched and we used to have competitive games. Once she went to some conference and I played with some really good players, I kinda figured how good, or rather how bad I am. but that was fun too. Of course I got better in the game, and she wasn’t good enough for me. That’s when I shifted to hiking and running and squash was long forgotten.  It was in fall of 10 that it got revived again. Thanks to a bit of racquetball games, Trust me, its for lazy people. It is not demanding enough. According to Forbes magazine, squash is the best sport to play for cardio. Pity that its not an Olympic sport.  An hour of playing squash takes 70% more calories than tennis or racquetball. Beat that!
Coming back, in the fall, after playing squash with Murali, he got hooked. He loved the game for its workout, he plays alright but more than technique, he uses just brute force (according to Ram, more like Dhoni Smile with tongue out). Then once Naren, and Ram got interested, we got a real good game on.
Squash is fun, just like any other sport, you just need to get the feel for it and some good company. An another thanks to Brits from me.
-Santhosh K Ramachandran

P.S Somebody is fooling me around with promises of a gift for 3 years.