January- A running review.

The month which sees a decrease in McDonald’s revenues and a sharp
increase in vegetarian cookbook sales. January is the month which sees a heavy rush in the Gym. According to SAAL, similar to January, Monday has 75% more turn out of Gym attendance than rest of the week (That stat was made on the spot). Aspirations, beginning are far common and even the initiation exists, it is the carrying power, perseverance that lacks in people probably.
I made an unrealistic goal of running 2011 miles in the year Circa 2011, and one month and 5 days have passed without much good news. I made the resolution around beginning of Dec, and I was running at a great mileage at that time, But snowboarding was not in the picture at that time. I have run only ~52 miles so far, a Pity. I have run that distance in a week in December. I am going to list my excuses now, apologies to begin with.  I have been in the mountains for 8 days. That does take a good amount of time away. The time spent on mountains affect the distance I can run the next day, and also I have been playing squash whenever I have not gone to the mountain, sometimes after a short stint of running. Also, I endured a shoulder injury on 29th Jan,I haven’t been doing much workout anyways after that, It is going to result in a terrible performance in the month of February too. Already 6 days have passed, and the stupid Feb has only 28days. Also, my “almost spring odyssey”(will talk about it later) is going to start pretty soon.
Even if I do a horrible job through out the year, I am going to write about it for 12months. Once every month. I want some shameful proof of my failure.
Hence this dismal performance. If I am thinking about making the resolution to 2011 kms, that is only ~1250 miles  Not challenging enough, I feel. I will be realistically mostly reaching somewhere between those two figures.
Days Run-13
Miles Covered-52
Injuries-1 (Non running)
Other Activities- 3, Squash9, snowboarding8, Indoor soccer1