Powder day..

Yeah, it’s a powder day,
buddies gave me the spray.
It was waist deep of wow
and I got epic lines to carve.
As I heard the avalanche canon,
I checked my bag for the beacon.
There lay my granola bar,
the beacon was in the car.
Dismay at the Pierre’s knob,
Flippers took away my sob.

As I fell hucking a cliff,
there was giggle from the lift.
Dizzy was my line of sight,
I was glad that I am upright.
Not glad to have broken the flow,
but was perky that it started to snow.
I got back on toes and heels
on a cruising board sans wheels.
as it ended in an early twilight
I vowed to be back on first light.

-Santhosh K Ramachandran