Snow in Bozeman..!


Well, snow in Bozeman is nothing new or out of ordinary, the mountains around it make it a perfect bowl for heavy precipitation entire year, also helping it to have a peculiar flora compared to both sides of the great continental divide.

After the heavy snowfall before the “actual” winter which started on Dec 21. There was not much snowfall in January except for one downpour Smile. No one was happy except for the few who are accidentally stranded here. Everybody wanted snow, they were cursing, swearing, crying and just like on a normal Bozeman-day praying for the white powder.

Finally, it snowed today, and it came with a bang. Three advisories has been issued, A winter weather, a winter storm, and an avalanche threat in the mountains due to weak snow pack. 

Even many friends on Facebook has been updating this event, These are the very few of status update, I took a screenshot of (Thanks to Chrome app).


REI said there is a 17” snowfall in Bridger (They haven’t updated it yet). Anyways, all that said, what should a bum do the next day. No prize for guessing, yep, it is to head to the mountains.

-Santhosh K Ramachandran

P.S: No running yet in Feb Sad smile, See you near the lift. 🙂Open-mouthed smile