Big cities and the lone wolf…!


“City life is millions of people being lonesome together”

Henry David Thoreau


Perhaps what Thoreau said in 19th century is still very valid, may be even more so. I have traveled to very few big cities like B’lore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, LA, SLC and Seattle, may be Dallas and Orlando too. Whenever I have spent some time alone, I have felt a magnified version of loneliness with me succumbing into deep thoughts. It has happened only in two cities vividly, Chennai and SLC.


You walk by a busy street, you drive through hordes of cars, travel through a sweat-filled and stinky metro. The feeling is mutual. Where are all these people from? And where are they going? Any small town boy might have had such a though crossing over his head. His head which had processed only valleys, hills, creeks and smiling neighbors. Astounded by the sheer magnitude of lives running around his eyes. He wonders about the multitude of hopes, aspirations and dreams in these many million souls.


He had everything neatly stacked in his country side brain, the number of streets, a rather approximate inmates, nice sunset viewing places, places inhibited by ghosts in his beautiful, friendly home town. Now, all of sudden this mammoth alienating place surrounds him. It is no way that he is a failure in city, he faces it with an even better perception. He is wary of the cold shoulder welcoming him, but he is no quitter. He may return to his country town, but not succumbing defeat, but searching solace.


This overwhelming attitude is because of his ignorance about his position in the city, in the small town, he is sure of his place in social and financial hierarchy. In city, he is not. He is basically getting a cultural shock.



My eyes are tired, total miles covered: ~600. Today saw the completion of snow sports season for me. From tomorrow, I am heading to canyons, deserts and some greenery.

Before that, the greatest snow on earth did not disappoint me. The powder is actually softer and drier and hence lighter. You can achieve more speed in this kind of powder, machine groomed or not.  The snow is this light due to the proximity of mountains to the salt lake.


The mountain did not disappoint me either, there were magnificent views of canyons, rugged peaks and deep valleys 360 degree.

I met lot of Europeans, now that explains why SLC is serving so many European airports. Everyone in the lift was speaking Italian or French. BTW, did I tell that I had gone to Snowbird, I had decided to go to Canyons but a SLC local I met in Targhee suggested me Snowbird and he wasn’t wrong in doing so. The hidden peak which stood at 11,000 feet was colossal and it had a tunnel underneath it, the center portion being 200 feet underground.

That was the another cool thing about it, for the first time I could board on both the sides of the mountains, I guess I can do it in Big sky and moonlight, but I haven’t done it to claim so. I was imagining, snowboarding down the west side in Bridger Smile. The trails present being a whopping 2000 feet of vertical rise, the boarding down took more time than the time on lift. Beat that! ‘Small town lad in awe.’

The canyon drive was equally pretty. From tomorrow onwards, the snow will get scarcer as I drive south. I hope there is not much snow in Southern Utah.  By the way, People who drive in Icy roads, please do not use Cruise control, as the tires will slip a bit and the sensor will send info that more rev is required and when the traction occurs, the car might accelerate more than required. Seems like I am advising a bit in each blog. Smile with tongue out.


Anyways, Bye Bye Snow..!