Different shades of ….What else.. ME!


Alright, I started growing my moustache and beard from Jan 1. Ok, sorry folks, Let me put it this way, I haven’t shaved my facial hair (of whatever there is) since Jan 1.


That is a long time, and I had to endure sleeping with sounds emanating from upward-creeping hair. The cylindrical filaments coming out of my epidermis is kind of like in a desert. Like shrubs, grown here and there, scattered around with no pattern.


However, I finally shaved, not even waiting for my deadline of Spring 1. As it was spring like in California, though I heard about the 11” powder BB got Sad smile on 1st day of spring.


This is about my progressions, this blog is going to show me when I was 17, 23, 27 and 30. in the course of 1month.


Yep, I will start with 23. May be I even look  younger, I don’t know, comment on it and let me know what you think.

Moving on to some maturity.

Me with the mush.

I look sad, right? Someone will say, its pain Smile with tongue out , I guess its tiredness, may be hunger. Sad smile


Moving on to 30..!



Hmm, may be??, or is it just me..??


Anyways, here comes the kid.


Hmm, none of this is close to how I look now, Because the cold prompted me to cut my hair here and there, NO, I did not do with my Swiss army knife. I am not posting the picture, because I am traveling Incognito. So many different faces…


Guess what, I have multiple names too. That..later..