February Review and March Preview

I started of February with a week of rest due to a shoulder injury I had sustained from a fall while snowboarding. The second week onwards, I was running and was also back on mountains for Snowboarding..! 
February this year like every 3 years of every 4 years happens to have only 28days, being the black sheep among months. But, I guess other months all have black spots/stripes since they have 28 days in them no matter it is A.D.1 or circa 2012. I am not sure about the 7 days when God was churning Nutella hazelnut spread and lightning to create the world. May be then there was no February, only March and Pluto.  I guess the reason why February was left out is because God was Buddhist, so he hate all Nazis.
Anyways back to the point, I had not run any distance since the 8th of Feb and Feb only has 28 days, did I mention that?  Yes, and five days I had gone snowboarding. That leaves me with 15days, Oh man, I am good in Arithmetic, and I promise, I did not use Google Calc. In the rest of the remaining 15 days I massed up a whopping 18 miles. Sad smile No, I did not miss a zero, that is eighteen. A distance I can run in a single day in a month is embarrassing. But I can whine like a girl (am I being a sexist?), I was on a road trip, I was camping, I was vacating. So this cry baby is not short of excuses.! Excuses, how I hate them.
OK, to make things worse, I have sustained another snowboarding injury. I have a seething pain in the left side of the left knee. Some tendon has been burdened, fatigued and is in shambles, It was getting better and I made it worse by some strenuous hiking, continued snowboarding and some trial running (to see whether I was alright). Oh, God, When will I learn? The pain is getting on my nerves really bad, not because the pain is intolerable. But because it is stopping me from running. Oh man, how I hate it. It is in some tendon, and there is some loss of mass in that region, but that is true with my entire body. Also, there is no inflammation and I have applied some 4 ointments of varying degree of stuff in it. In ten days in March, I have run only 1 mile or so, where I had to limp back to bed, but I was completely fine when I began. And the next day was the worst hike of ten miles round trip.
March is looking bleak and I know my time is running out, the birthday month is not treating me good, but it should be good once I cross the full moon on 19th. So much for superstitions. We will see. I am not posting how many more miles I have to cover and blah blah, since I have used my brain for enough calculations already.
But I am aware that the clock is ticking and I want to be ready when the spring begins and since snowboarding for the season is all over, I can look forward to some quick recovery and some work for my eager heart and lungs. Three months almost gone with very horrible results, 2011, oh my 2011.