Chetan Bhagat and Google voice #FAIL

In all the smart phones, there is this Google app to search using your voice. You just say the word or words to the phones and here you go. For most of the time, It actually works quite fine. If not first time, in your second or third try, the app catches what you are trying to say.
Now comes the failed story, I was trying to search for Chetan Bhagat, First I said “Chetan Bhagat” four times, then after failing that many times, I said “Chetan Bhagat India”, That was the moment of epic FAIL. I shook my head in disbelief and left the ordeal.
The results or what the app thought I said is shown in the following pic.
May be, Chetan bhagat will write “Tera Google Chor hai” in his forearm.