Eve of Indo Pak and Mallu Comedy


I wanted to post this before Indo Pak match which India won in a very clumsy manner. The hype and tension of that match were something out of the world.


The reasons are unclear, is it nationalistic pride? a kind of chauvinistic arrogance or is it an ignorant jingoism. Whatever it is, I just like all the so called blue bleeding billion was also having butterflies in tummy. Though  I couldn’t rationalize it, and before I could come to terms with it, it was all happening and all over.


But, my coming (or not) to terms with the confusions is not the purpose of this blog. The tense eve prompted me to do some stress bursting methods, after working on a conference paper, I searched for Mallu comedy on YouTube to watch. It is a real stress buster. No, No, I am not going to show you some Mallu comedy and bore you. Since I guess, not many mallus read my blog. But I wanted to share the suggestions YouTube showered me while searching for “Mallu comedy”. Remind you all those suggestions are actual stress busters in their own regard.


Here you Go..!

mallu joke1


Well. I wonder about the beautiful perception Mallus and other people have on Mallus…

Not very proud though.