Fragile prints


In this world, nothing is permanent and everything is temporary. Change is the only constant in the world. Whatever happens, life goes on, Yada Yada… So on and so forth the clichés go..!


“You, being an individual cannot save the world”, alright, I have heard that quite a lot, quit saying that, coz, I am not quitting. I had to fight with a friend to prevent him from throwing cigarette butt, fight with a cousin to stop him from throwing plastic bag through the car window. Fight with my mother to prevent her from throwing plastic spoon, fighting with almost everybody not to waste food. Reminding everyone, that there is no waste in the biological world and there should not be any.. Well I am not tired fighting.


Give the planet earth a chance to feed you, to protect you and finally to transform you into million little pieces at the time of your death. Well, Death is not an end point, but only a comma in the 13 billion years of expanding universe. In this cosmos, I, you and everyone we know are insignificant, but at the same time infinitesimally significant, However, everything is ‘fragile’ for sure. None has an upper hand, no species, no virus, no planet, no galaxy or no religious dogma.


Even an idea, thought and spoken or written word is fragile, so much for truth. Whose truth is it anyway.


In this fragile world, let me swim against the tide, I may be at times hypocritical, sometimes falter and sway with the current. In the long process, all I want is to learn.


-Life beyond Religion and Science.