Me and My ‘irrational’ Running Fears..!!!


I run, it is when I most feel free. The purity of human motion is in its finest form then, Hmmm, may be after dance. Well, I suck at dance, so running takes the cake for me..!


However, Whenever I run, I am in fact running away or into something. Running away from may be pain, pot belly, troubles, thoughts and so on, Running into bliss, melting, to achieve Runner’s high or may be Nirvana  Smile. The trouble is whenever I run in Bozeman with my imagination running wild, certain fears( few irrational) creep into my mind. This rambling is about those fears..!


Let me enumerate, Number one fear, when it starts hailing, OMG! Hailstorms are deadly here, with hails reaching Golf ball sizes. I freak out whenever it starts, One time, I sprinted back into home like Usain Bolt, On another occasion, I freaked and stood next to a home’s porch. Luckily, even though I got hit, I wasn’t hurt…


Check out the pic, with that kind of damage, who would want to go outside.


Another time, it was a mid summer, and there came thunderstorms Storm cloud. It was dark and cloudy when I started from home, But Who cares? I got miles to go, After 2 miles, the lighting started striking, first one was bad, close by and very bright and the thunder followed immediately and it was deafening, With the belief that “Lightning doesn’t strike twice”, I kept running, after 100 yards, it struck again, even more crazily, I almost pissed on my pants, it was raining too, I started showing my Thumbs up for a ride, I got lucky that it was Bozeman, and I got into a truck and hitchhiked back to safety. Thank you Bozo. Red heart. That was my scariest run. After that storm, the sky gave a beautiful Rainbow Rainbow, did I mention who my love is…?


Next in the line, is with animal encounters! while running on trails, I am always scared of Bears or running into a moose, A black bear was sighted in the town’s neighborhood as well, I was running a block away from it that day. Haven’t had a close encounter yet, But it pops into my mind, every time I hit a trail.


Another encounter was in fact today, it was early morning, and it was South 3rd ave, close to Highland Blvd, where mountain lion sightings had occurred last summer, I saw a cat on the side walk some 20 feet away from me. I freaked out, thought it was a bobcat or Mt Lion, a huge cat with cream color and some Black stripe and pointed ear. It took me few seconds and a purry sitting from the kittyCat face to regain my composure. I hate cats.  Well I am a Bobcat. GO Cats..!


Other fears include, getting run over by a truck, slipping off a cliff, getting slipped on ice on sidewalks. I have run only in 4states in here, Montana is my fave, Well California being a close second (Beaches and Dolphins). But, the most fearful runs have all been in Bozeman, MT.



P.S: I haven’t forgotten my 2011 miles, will post soon..!