Half year round up :(


Well, Its more than half a year… Well, I am way short of target to such a level that I am going to cite excuses (How I hate excuses.!)

To begin with,  it itself was a very tough target to begin with, unless I am a seasoned ultra runner (which I am not). But, still I could have made if every other factor was on my side. Now to get to the point, I am changing the target to 2011kms which already looks quite hard and impossible. But I am going to work on it.


Past excuses: (Approx. time lost in brackets)

  1. Sprained ligament in right calf. (1 week)
  2. knee injury and IT band sprain due to Snowboarding ( ~read pt5)
  3. Shoulder Injury due to Snowboarding (one week)
  4. Snowboarding Smile with tongue out  (18days)
  5. Road trip (50days, note: Road trip was not for 50days)
  6. Latitude shift (3days)
  7. Tn trip (4 days)

Future Excuses:

  1. Marriage (Dunno how many days that is gonna consume)


Right now Miles run: 257miles.

Counting my performance, I won’t even reach 500miles. That is way too lame.

Did I run today: NO Sad smile

1249.5miles = 2011kms

Miles to cover for 2011 kms: 992.5 miles

Average distance to run rest of the year: 992.5/169 =5.8miles. Sad smile


In the beginning of the year, to get 2011miles, it was just 5.5 miles everyday. Now its even worse. Lets see, how far will I go?

What do you think?








-Lazy Runner.