Sancharam(The Journey)- a simple love story..!

I grew up watching tragedy movies in Malayalam, rather, I grew up loving those tragedy movies.. It was an era which was called as the Golden age of Malayalam Cinema. It indeed was.
I always recall a trio of movies by Priyadarshan Thalavattom, Chitram and Vandanam. All starring Mohanlal, and being tragedies. Thalavattom is loosely based on “one who flew over the cuckoo’s nest”. A matter which I didn’t until I saw the Hollywood classic of my fave Jack Nicholson. I remember childhood nights where I try to change the script. My dad gave an explanation to the little boy in me that Directors want to make tragedies so that everyone will remember it forever citing Romeo and Juliet as example.
I grew up from those movies watching it again and again for its beautiful humor, awesome background score, and a melancholy so sweet that it will steal away your sleep. I matured and I watched movies by my all time favorite director Padmarajan. His movies, Thoovanathumbikal, Nammukku paarkan munthiri-thoppukal, Sarvakalasala and Njan gandharvan, had the tragic line again, but in varying degree in a manner of tickling human sense. Thoovanathumbikal (Dragonflies in the Spraying Rain) is easily my all time favorite movie. First three movies has subtle nuances of everyday life, portraying a human capabilty to overcome certain situations and likewise.
I grew up and always try to look for essence of these movies (a trait, similar to looking for your dad/mom in your spouse!) and either voraciously appreciate it or criticize movies based on my take on it. For that, I have been more often ridiculed for my taste in movies. As I got really choosy over time.
I  started liking tragedy movies in Tamil once I started watching those, another aspect is that, I care to watch those again and again. I went on watching more indie movies in English and liking it more often. Note that, I am not going for tragedy movies, but good movies which happen to have tragedies.
I’ve written about three movies prior to this(LINK). This one is about Sancharam, I am not going into details of how beautiful the cinematography or art direction is. Not even how awesome the acting is. But that it is just a simple love story, everything is clichéd or common place in it, just that it happens to be a love story between two women. It was released in 2004, never got a chance to watch it. Had always liked the theme song(not featured in the movie) composed by Avial. Finally I watched it..
Even though, it is between two women, anybody who were oppressed based on societal norms, anybody who has ever rebelled can relate to this movie. The reactions of the two main characters are also very clichéd, one who wants to keep fighting till death, one who is succumbing to it. It is not a portrayal of a man and woman, {pause} it is a portrayal of two individuals hammered by slightly different moral codes and hammered to a different degree.
The two individuals had a different degree of understanding of what was happening to each other and themselves. I am not blaming the antagonists in the movie, then I will be doing the same mistake they did. They have a different level of understanding of the situation as well, but one’s understanding should not be used to gauge other’s actions. That is where the antagonists have erred.
It is a simple portrayal. But the undertone is more evident  as it portrays as a static society, a repulsion towards change. These are not easily evident in Romeo-Juliet kind of love story. As the ‘pain’ and ‘depth of love’ are the central themes.
It is not about individuality or modern ideals. It is not about philosophizing what is right and wrong. However, it is about acceptance required by each individual who is hell bent on repressing and want to have a say on some one else’s life based on their own moral code.
On what moral code?!
Each of us may be victim, Since there is no absolute for everyone at all times. But I think, there can be an absolute for each one at a single point of time which forces us to make a choice.
I’ve compiled a playlist if you are interested to watch the movie.
  • Well, just that I liked the movie and there are lot of subtle messages to be read  in the film..!!!
    Since when did u become myopic to my ramblings..?