End of 8 months.


Distance to go for 2011kms: ~1443kms

Monthly average required: ~361kms

Daily avg. required: 11.61kms

Distance run: ~557kms (343miles)

Well, My dismal performance continues.. Sad smile

Read my tragic story of August in This Post.



In 4 days, I am going to get married. So, the distance will only plummet from there on. Hopefully not.

I am not going to change my target further down and humiliate me further. So I will rather gracefully accept defeat on the 31st of Dec.(Well not without a fight for sure.)

Even now, the average requirement is 11k (around 7miles.)

Once I start scaling huge mileage in terms of marathon distances, I can bring that down. Let us see how the eventful September is going to go. I have got one more evening in August. Well, I am going to run..!! Hell yeah..

Bye bye world.. See you next time..


Wish me “Happy married ‘running’ life”