Sinus.. How I killed it..


In the first week of august, I went on a 8day Road trip, the posts about those are under the label Travelogues. The interesting part was that I came back rich obviously with experiences, pictures, nostalgia with friends, great food and last but not the least a sinus infection. This post is a development from there.


It was the first ever sinus infection in my life. I have heard about it in BVB, Friends who had longer lasting sinus. Sounding from their nostrils, I had no idea of the difficulty until it struck me. It sucks, believe me. So, after 3 days, I couldn’t stand it any longer, I went to an ENT specialist, he prescribed 4 medicines(an assortment of tablets and capsules, Dolo is the only one I recognized and I can recall) and a nasal spray. I was groggy, drowsy and to add up, was also sterile to even jerk off. I hate medicines. Enough said.


So, after ~3 days of administered medicine and a total of 6 days of struggle with sinus, it was not going out of my way and may be just got worse.  I was impatient, tempered that I couldn’t get out and run. Sad smile. So, came the natural-organic way of treatment.


Only 3 stuff was required for me to get alright and get going.(I was doing 1 & 3 earlier too though..)

  1. Hot water for steaming
  2. Saline water for nasal injection
  3. Lots of fluids in your body.


It doesn’t matter what you put in the hot water for steaming, there are assortments of stuff(Turmeric, Vicks, Basil, eucalyptus etc.) you can put. However the hero is the saline water, it was told by my dad which I didn’t give my ear until then.


All you need is to suck in the saline water inside and spray it into your nose inserting the end through the nostril. It will give way to all the clogged up garbage up from your face. Do it for two days and I was like a jumping jack. It threw away all the garbage, I was surprised myself. But, But, But let me remind you that you need to have gallons of fluid inside your body to facilitate a fast recovery.

I hope it helps someone just like it did for me.

Though, during the infection, I could blog quite a lot resulting in about half a dozen blogs Open-mouthed smile , my reading and running got hit, as reading made my head hurt. But during the later stage, I got my reading groove back. Also, this increased reading was somehow helping me go into a cocoon. Shutting out the world. Winking smile.


Well, my running has also resumed but my muscles were weakened so it was in dire straits. But its picking up like a horse with horns. Fingers crossed. Buhaha..