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Once we left Rajapalayam, we had decided to go to few old temples on our way. And I wad damn sure that we were visiting old temples and not the 20th century or even Iskcon era temples. Our stop came too soon as  we stopped at Srivilliputhur Andal kovil. The temple chariot was getting ready for a ceremony(Adi Puram) which was scheduled for the next day or so. the Famous  tiered tower which is also the emblem of Tamilnadu was getting a renovation so was covered by coconut leaves. Sad smile. But what we got was some great Palgova which is the dessert delicacy from there.



Our next stop was at  Pillayarpatty, where the Lord Ganesha was first idolized some 2500years ago. Apparently, it is a two handed form which is existing only here and one more place. The so called other place no one would guess is Afghanistan. My assumption that it would have been lost under some tyrannical rule in Af was erased by Google as it said its some where in Kabul. Well ‘God(whichever) bless Afghanistan’.

But Mumbaikers… Eat that..!!


After that, we left to two more temples, one at Kundrakudi (of Vaidyanathan fame Smile with tongue out )and one at Koviloor.

Once we were done with that, we reached Chettinadu( The land of Chettiars). It was a strange place, not Karaikudi, the famous village among Chettinadu, but the rest of 96 villages that made up the so called Chettinadu. Famous to the outside world for its spicy and awesome cuisine. I was present there to taste it personally at a home. Thanks to “the Rebel”  for that, I am sure he would say ‘no worries’, but Thank you anyways.

So, we reached Chettinadu, where mansions spread all along a street, where courtyards inside homes are long enough to play cricket, where the timber(teak) was imported from Burma, where the men were known to be Business men like Gujjus, where the name of place evokes water in the mouth. Well am in Chettinadu.

All the above statements are true. You knew that already, didn’t you?


~~~ My  Chariot in front of the Chettinadu Palace ~~~


That night was spent in one of those huge mansions with Burmese teak and solid huge marble pillars for company. I also had the fun of bathing in a bored well with a rope bucket. The night was made legendary by the Chettinadu food of course. Thanks to Rebel’s grand dads, his aunt and his ever cheerful uncle. The Chamanthi was one of the best you could ever have. (For starters, Chamanthi is a ground/grated mix of ingredients including Onion, coconut, garlic, cilantro, chili, salt etc.) Nowadays, the Chamanthi is always prepared in a mixer. But earlier it used to be prepared in a flat hard rugged granite, grounding is done by a cylinder like granite stone on top of the flat rock. It is called Ammi kallu in Malayalam and Tamil. The taste differs for sure. I can vouch on that. So, all you mixie generation kids, ON your FACE. Did I tell you that we slept royally that night on the, on the [sic] floor..!

The next morning, we had the Paniyaram, all these times, what I was having in the name of Paniyaram was just some other thing. This was the real S%&t.(Oh, Paniyaram is a steamed batter of rice powder similar to idly, but tastes different, just so you know.) After having those Vegetarian delicacies from Chettinadu, we left to the Metro giant called Chennai after visiting a bonus temple in Chettinadu.

The rest later..



~~ Key to one of those VAULTS~~~ {Evil Laugh}