Thus the journey began..!


[I am not gonna add any cool pics of my travel, they don’t belong here anymore..!]

Well, the trip was supposed to be a no time limit kind of trip to meet friends and visit places. So, the companion for the first leg was “The Rebel” a.k.a The untitled. It didn’t start well of for the Rebel undergoing 3 mishaps in 24hours,

1)He was supposed to come to Palakkad in an airbus from Bangalore and meet up in Ottapalam, But, he thought the last stop was Palakkad and stayed on the bus, as it moved on towards Kochi. Finally after frantic phone calls, he got down at Angamaly, close to 2 hours from my place.


Then I drove towards him and met him at Chalakudy, and we went to a waterfalls close by and had our lunch at Allepey beach, Yummy Homemade chapatti and Sautéed onion masala. We were thinking about staying somewhere in Allepey for the night and leaving for Rajapalayam next morning after catching some glimpse of the backwaters. We gave a call to Sai for suggestions and here we go, he was in Allepey and not in Chennai. He dragged us to his place in Changanachery to his sweet place.


Next morning, I had the best Kappa in my whole life, homemade Kappa is a delicacy in Kerala, but is never cooked at my home, so I loved it.. Mmmmm. We left Changanachery  after the breakfast and Sai’s dad giving us a detailed route to Rajapalayam. Then Mishap-2 happened.

2) The Rebel forgot his phone at Sai’s place only to be realized after we drove some good 30kms in some mediocre road. We lost good 1hour. Sigh.

We went back and got it (against my wishes, ofc) and we drove to Rajapalayam, it was getting late and my strict food schedule had my hunger level rise to intolerable. We stopped at a small roadside stall and Rebel bought some Bananas to feed my hungry tummy. It turned out to be mishap 3.

3) The bananas weren’t ripe. I still ate it and cursed him, all the while we drove to Rajapalayam crossing the western Ghats climbing over it to reach the western part of the Ghats. Yes we are in Tamilnadu now.


I hardly knew that a wonderful meal of Pasta and Poori awaited me, Traditionally I am not a Pasta person, I haven’t liked Pasta ever in my life. But that was the best Pasta I ever had, not because of hunger. It honestly was really good.

After that we went chasing black panther in the lower part of Western Ghats, but unfortunately we didn’t spot him but only monsoon clouds hovering over the Ghats and some wild Rabbit. Sheesh. They were cute nevertheless. We finally went to a ranch like place close to the Ghats, we relaxed in the pool and called it the day by sleeping like a dog at Raja’s place..



Next morning treated us with the best Kesari I’ve ever had in my life. Period. Aunty. Kudos. If I could compare, the Kesari, it would only fall short behind Tiramisu in terms of yumminess. Mmmm. I was so fascinated by it, Aunty packed it for us for the rest of the travel, [so much for the hungry traveler.]


Thus the journey began with some great Food and some great mishap.. next one will have some more food and some religion..!!! Winking smile

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