Well.. The hero strikes back..

“Heroes are out there to ward of evil, heroes are out there to teach us something, heroes are out there to set example. “

-These lines are more suited to movies like Singham. Well, this post is about what to do “When you involve in a small car accident in rural India””

The aftermath of a small car accident in India is generally UGLY, there is this huge rancor of shouts, cursing, cussing and very often these utter profanity will lead to physical handling. There is no shortage of onlookers during these times.. Well, I have seen innocent people in an accident scene getting beaten by these idiotic onlookers.
The case is very similar in Rural India, whether you have hit a dog, a goat, a chicken, let alone a human being. Mostly, the blame is on the costly car, (times when I think Ayn Rand is right),  Well, anyways my first advice to you all is to drive safe, there is absolutely no substitute to that. However, just in case, if you land up in a skirmish, the following paragraphs might save you.
So, we (ME, Naveen and Bala) left Chennai to a small village named Pappireddipatti, We were beyond Jolarpet and moving towards Tirupattur, It was afternoon and we had plans for lunch at his estate with organic chicken dishes and Biriyani cooked by Naveen’s mom, then in few seconds a Tata Ace crossed white line and passed in a flicker dangerously close and it struck us and went. We had no clue of what happened, so we parked the car and were checking out the damage.
–>Remember it was a big SUV, and it had a fancy Registration number from the neighboring state of Kerala.
<~Drama starts~>
Two guys(A and B aged ~30) came in a motorbike and said to us “Just don’t say anything, we will handle this”, almost on their tail, another motorbike came, with 3 men on it. Apparently, the driver of the ‘Tata ace’ was among them. Since it was rural, the crowd swelling up was limited, Meanwhile, the verbal war was on. The 2 guys were talking for us, and the other 3 on opp. side. For the first five minutes, We 3 had no clue as what was happening, We thought, the ‘Tata Ace’ might have hit the motorbike or something, the verbal war started to move to profanities. One guy from the opp. side had his blood boiling and wanted to settle everything with his tongue.  So our Hero interrupted and was like “let’s go to the police station and talk it over there”. The Ace driver was making frantic phone calls and was mentioning that he had an accident and he is hurt.(Over the phone, it would sound totally different)  Soon after, Naveen left with those 2guys (A &B) to Tirupattur police station, Me and Bala stood outside our locked SUV. More bikes started coming in, probably due to phone calls and the Tata ace had also arrived. We had an idea of reality by then.
The side mirror of both the vehicles had a collision, the SUV had a swiveling mirror so, it was intact without the slightest scratch, the Tata Ace’s side mirror broke as it was solid and the glass pieces from the mirror hit the driver without hurting him.
Soon, the bunch of ~10guys who had come was talking to us, we(Me and Bala) told them, “this is what happened and the verbal war was getting worse and we didn’t want any trouble, also that people will try to blame the expensive vehicle and especially with a different state registration, so that is why we went to the police station.” The bunch of people replied, that we had gone to the wrong police station, as it was in the limits of Jolarpet and not Tirupattur, and that they had no problem or complaints and they all left also adding that A &B might be fraudulent people and they are on your side to get some money. They fled from the scene after that.{As far as I think, they(opp.side left thinking that they are not going to reap any easy money from us}
Now, me and Bala were in a fix, since Naveen was in Police station, and we had no business staying there,  we made a call to Naveen and asked him to get out of there and that the whole “situation” in here got dissolved. We left the scene too, and Naveen informed us that the moment we had called, the Police station at Tirupattur was going to inform Jolarpet. And he stopped the police and came out of the station and thanked A&B.
It was an incident of no consequence yet there was so much confusion.
There were people (Tata Ace and gang) trying to make some easy money.
A verbal onslaught with those rural people will only result in you getting badly beaten (3 lean youngsters)
Go to a police station when you start sensing rot and make sure that you tell the police that the opposing people were badly behaving and you need protection.
The day before, we were saying no to bribe to a policeman and today we went for their help. Actually, it’s not that we are against policemen, It is the rotten few which disgraces the entire police lot.
Wait a minute, Wait a minute, may be there is some big rot in the Police department in our country.
Seems like 5 died and 100s fainted during running a 10K race, they had to complete only in 90 minutes, I finish 10K in 45minutes. Sheesh..!! Disgrace, next time when in trouble with Police, I am gonna run. I say.
Anyways, I went dog hungry to Naveen’s place with our 45 minutes of entertainment  and let me tell you, Me turning out to be a total vegetarian just got slowed down.
Thank you aunty.