“So subtle, yet so powerful,

so past, yet so present,

so vague, yet so distinct,

so delicate, yet so intense,

so evident, yet so elusive…”


Memories are strange… It is one of the concepts in metaphysical reality or lets call it a metaphysical quality which creates  ‘a priori’.

I write this blog or any blog post recollecting from my memories ‘bit by bit’, ‘piece by piece’.. slowly and steadily from the fragments of information collected and existing in my brain.

In between my imagination, memory and sometimes déjà vu like state, somewhere in the time warp, I also exist.

Well, reminds me of a Ramana Maharishi quote

“Of all the thoughts that rise in the mind, the thought ‘I’ is the first thought.”

I wonder where does that picture in an eccentric’s head, on a chemically imbalanced head, on an Amnesia patient’s head.


Let’s spread the word about how fragile our memory is…

World Alzheimer’s day is on September 21.