Return of the monsoon


The dance, the battle continued…


The Mahabarata, apart from the Bhagvad Gita, the 18 day war and the history of India, in my eyes is importantly a natural phenomena, showcased as a battle between Sun and the Storm. Karna (son of Surya)representing Sun and Arjuna (Son of Indra) representing Storm. The Storm emerging victorious after the long battle at the end of the day. The storm or Arjuna was also quoted and mentioned as ‘symbol of fertility’. Similar to rain being the agent bringing fertility to earth. 


In a book Sakvithi Ravana (first published in 1988) Ahubudhu says that Ravana reigned over Sri Lanka from 2554 to 2517 BC. He quotes Ravanavaliya to say that Ravana belonged to the “Sun race” as Ra signifies the sun and vana signifies generation.


If that is the case, we can take the logic one step ahead and call Rama as again the Storm, Ravana as Sun and Sita being the Earth, The abduction resulting in a parched earth or bereaved Sita. And the Storm/Rain/Rama freeing her and making her fertile.


In India, the ‘North-east monsoon’ or ‘Retreating monsoon’ brings such Storm and rain over the Sun with thunder and lightning.


The monsoon returns with such pomp of beautiful evenings with fireworks and prompted me to write this following piece of prose. I started it as a poem, but soon it became a prose. Open-mouthed smile


Twilight came to an abrupt end as the November sun made way. The war broke out yet once again, Sun and Storm, the usual rivals.. Wind acted like a tormenting weapon, unleashing the wrath far and wide. The Lightning splashed magic changing every droplet into a pearl. Water became arrows of fire and the Earth danced to its tune. Its a union of sorts, She became fertile by his fury, getting ready to bloom. Sun had lost the long battle, saying adieu, he embarked. The earth was storm’s, to be devoured, to be rampaged, to be loved, to be owned. The Earth held him from behind, her clutches running deep. Her sparkling eyes were the stage, and his gaze set the rhythm.


The dance, the battle continued…