Where the hell Am I…!!


It’s been ages since my last blog post, precisely 7 months. In the beginning of that period, I honestly had a writer’s block (Not to claim that I am A Writer). The absence from blogging had some external reasons too. I got married and it took honestly a lot of time, and whatever time I could manage, I was happily reading and couldn’t get myself to sit with the laptop and write chunks of stuff. I do regret not blogging though. I had these little thoughts pop up in my mind every now and then wanted to share with this blog..!! Hell, things doesn’t work that way, I guess.

I had been running too, lot of running and reading a bit of traveling too. Indeed good. But want to write as well. Hoping to achieve it in the coming days.


Lame Excuse#1: I guess, Facebook has stopped importing the blog automatically. Anyway, I will copy and paste this to the Facebook Notes.

That was one of the reasons I was a bit reluctant to write late November.