Bubble gum and bird death hoax

Internet is a trove of spams, hoaxes and frauds. It is easier to fool someone digitally than in person I guess, However, there is no dearth for cheating in person as well…
But, I am sure everyone is aware of the chain emails you have to sent in next ten minutes otherwise you would have been dead back in 1999. Those are still in vogue biting newbies and finding our inboxes every now and then.
Then there is another kind, there is a letter(an open letter) claiming to be from a famous person. Finding place on websites, blogs and Facebook walls. Mostly it is propaganda.
Then obviously there are URGENT BLOOD required kind, then requesting for money for medical aid.
There are all kinds.. I say.
Also, there is a peculiar kind, a  good motive being pushed forward by a false claim/propaganda.
Just look at the pic,
First of all, if a bird is stupid enough to eat a gum mistaking it to be bread crumb, it ought to die
The point is, have you seen a gum lying on a street, 99% of it is squished. Now try to take it with a stick or hand. It is almost impossible. Birds know what their foods are. They wont poke the beaks on something sticky, they have an alarm to sense sticky fruits/naturally occurring resins etc.
Then, even if we put the gum on a trash, in India, most of the trash cans don’t have a lid or is not animal-proof, and birds very casually look for food in the trash cans. Anyways, these trash cans just go to landfills where the birds can access anything freely.
The simple idea is “DON’T LITTER”, Keep streets clean is the message, but don’t buy such non-sense. Bird populations tend to decline by loss of habitat, pollution, ecological destruction, pesticides etc etc. Definitely not by squished gums.
P.S I don’t chew gums and I don’t litter also I try(not just to get some moral points) to reduce my carbon footprint. Go organic.
Please share it and create Awareness.. LOL.

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