Eiger dreams by Jon Krakauer; a book review

When you write exceptional books in your career with most of them being critically acclaimed, well recieved, widely read. Then, your good books become pale in comparison with your best books. This is what happened to “Eiger dreams” by Jon Krakaeur.
It is his first published book, consisting of articles he had written over time for various magazines, Outdoor magazine being the prominent. If Krakauer is a story teller, adventure is his genre.
It is a compilation of 12 articles which were all except one published prior to this book. The plot is predictable in most of them. It won’t be intriguing like “into thin air” or “into the wild”. However, it talks about his own adventures, the one in which he went to Denali, Alaska (which is also featured a bit in “into the wild). Many stories deal with big mountains, accidents, the undying human spirit for adrenaline. The tough life of these adventure pursuers, whether that is in snowboard tent or in deep canyons. The passion which runs among the community is well told in his narrative style. Though these are short stories, and space and intensity being a constraint, Krakaeur has compiled a good enough book early in his career.
If you have read all his other books including
1) Into thin Air
2) Into the wild
And you still want to read more from him. Eiger dreams is a good choice. Though, this is his first book. You may not want to consider going the chronological way, so I would suggest his other books first. The book is 20years old published first back in 1990. So stories are from that era. If you are a hardcore adventurer and wants to know that era and want some good stories. Definitely check it out.
Overall: 3.5/5
Quotable Quote: 
“It is because they have so much to give and give it so lavishly . . . that men love the mountains and go back to then again and again.”
-Francis Younghusband

  • Tom

    Two grammatical errors in this selection:

    1) If you are a hardcore adventurer and wantS (NO S needed!)

    2) … men love the mountains and go back to then (Should be theM)